Marital Property Division

One of the most challenging aspects of a divorce is marital property division. When the marriage dissolves, all the property you possess with your spouse must be accounted for legally. Illinois requires all the property to be divided equitably without regard to fault in the divorce, but this does not mean you can sit idly by and hope for the best. “Equitably” means different things to different people. Let us help you ensure that you are treated fairly by the court. Contact our firm today.

Bloomington Marital Property Division Attorneys

Having helped numerous clients through divorce proceedings, it is our experience that only those willing to fight for what is theirs actually wind up with the property that they deserve. Relationships change very quickly when a marriage dissolves and the person you once thought you would spend your life with can become someone else entirely. This is not guaranteed to happen – but you should be prepared nonetheless.

This is why it is so important to have a good attorney on your side. It is our goal to see you with all the property you need when the dust settles after the divorce. To accomplish this requires working closely with you to determine what is rightfully yours and why this is the case. We will argue tenaciously on your behalf to make sure that equitable distribution is actually fair. The opposing side may attempt any number of things to wind up with what they want. Fortunately, we will be there to stand up for your rights.

The decision by the court on who gets what is often complicated. There are any number of factors that must be considered, including who contributed what during the relationship and who will need what after the relationship is ended. Let us make sure your side of the story is heard in this decision making process.

The Value Of A Pre-Nuptial Agreement

Ideally, you will have signed a pre-nuptial agreement prior to getting married. A pre-nuptial agreement helps set clear boundaries on the ownership of property should the marriage eventually be dissolved. It may not be an iron-clad guarantee, but it does put you in a much stronger position should you need to argue for your ownership of the property you possessed prior to your divorce.

If you are planning on marriage and would like to discuss the advantages of such an agreement, please contact our firm. We believe that planning for the future only makes a marriage stronger and are prepared to draft an agreement that will ensure that everyone’s needs are honored. You can go into your marriage feeling secure and knowing that no matter what happens, you are protected.

Please contact Allison & Mosby-Scott today if you would like help protecting what is rightfully yours.