Deanna Grehan

With over two decades of accounting and customer service experience, Deanna Grehan is not only proficient in all aspects of accounting; she also has an ability to interact with others in a way to which we all aspire.

As the Accounts Manager for Allison & Mosby-Scott, Deanna has excellent organizational skills which help her with her wide range of duties and management of all details related to client billing accounts. She is always happy to assists clients with any issues or questions that they may have pertaining to their billing accounts.  Prior to coming to Allison & Mosby-Scott, Deanna has held positions including a Division Office Coordinator, Accounts Payable Supervisor, and Accounts Receivable Manager, which have provided her with professional accounting training.

Deanna is also a Certified Personal Trainer who has a passion for health and wellness. But more importantly she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.