Happy Halloween From Allison & Mosby-Scott

It’s already Halloween and that means we are beginning the busy holiday season.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s will be here before we know it.  As we enter this season of joy and excitement we recognize that our clients who are newly separated or divorced may be facing the holidays with hesitation and some fear.  The holiday season can be particularly stressful if you are dealing with divorce or child custody issues.  Allison & Mosby-Scott has put together some tips to help you have a happy and healthy holiday season. Please see our publication Dealing with the Holidays After Divorce on our website.  If you want to find out more about the family law practice at Allison & Mosby-Scott or are in the need of legal assistance, please visit our website or call us at 309-662-5084.

State Farm cutting IT jobs; offering severance packages

WEEK.com: State Farm cutting IT jobs; offering severance packages

When employers announce restructuring and offer voluntary severance, affected employees can have many questions. Some of these questions can be as simple as “what is a voluntary severance package?” Others can be as difficult as “should I take the package or should I refuse the package and risk getting laid off later?”

In short, a voluntary severance package is a financial incentive offered to an employee to encourage the employee to voluntarily leave the company. Being voluntary means that the employee has the option of declining the offer. But deciding to decline the offer generally comes with some risks.

The attorneys at Allison & Mosby-Scott can help analyze voluntary severance packages and are skilled in advising clients on issues that may arise in accepting or rejecting a severance offer.